Start to dream in our holiday house in West-Flanders

The beautiful hamlet in Pollinkhove, in the municipality of Lo-Reninge, is located at the confluence of the Lovaart and the Yser. The hamlet is protected as cultural heritage since 1994. It is in this idyllic little place that the holiday house has its origins, designed with respect for the authentic character. 

The shiplock with its drawbridge is the main attraction. But the latest years Fintele has developed to be an attractive junction for cyclism and hiking. There is a central and open meeting space that is enriched with benches and a bike parking. At the riverbank there is a landing stage for boats and a resting area for hikers. 

Let yourself be immersed in a unique experience on your home soil.

Fintele is located on a 20km drive from De Panne and Koksijde. 

Trips on boats. Sowing wild oats. Adventures afloat.

The Fintele, don't you know

That it lies where reeds and orris grow

The Yser flows to Nieuwpoort between water lily's and buttercups

Cattails control and subdue it's riverbed without hiccups. 


In winter you will find many floaded meadow

With the force and sparkling sound of the locks in tow

The water needs to leave Fintele

To the Lovaart, the Beverdijk, away over the Windele.


It's a place to stay and live. 

Where life learns you to give. 

It's solely located between the orris and the reed.

But it never lets you forget the beauty of being freed.

2020-07-04 't Goed ter Fintele - Keuken detail © Glenn Vanderbeke_4118