Book/receive it as a gift and enjoy

Are you looking for the perfect location to give a party in a unique, wonderful area where you can enjoy the whole package? Or do you long for a weekend away where you don't even have to leave your chair and still can host a barbecue? 

Then you have come to the right place. We will arrange everything for you so that you can enjoy your party without worrying. This beautiful location is perfect to celebrate the birthday of your children, grandpa, mother,... or to organise your anniversaries. This luxurious holiday house with all possible facilities present has everything you need to entertain your guests in style. 

Of course you can arrange the catering yourself. The catering option we provide is without any commitment. 

Apart from the beautiful location and the luxurious interior you can also use our jacuzzi. Letting yourself bubble in the jacuzzi for a while creates a dreamy night's sleep. At the end of your day you can heavenly dream away in our luxurious box springs with beautiful bed linnens. 

After your day of partying you can complete your weekend with a nice bike ride. 


Cooking at the Falcon stove or organizing a cozy BBQ.

Delicious meat, vegetables and potatoes delivered at your door. With our agricultural background we are in the perfect position to choose the best produce for you. 

Do you rather just put your feet under the table instead of cooking yourself? Upon your request it is possible to arrange for someone who will come and barbecue or  cook. We can also provide someone who will serve the food. 





Eat, drink & be cosy


Gift voucher

Are you looking for a way to honor someone or put him or her in the spotlight? 

Then our gift voucher is the perfect solution! 

There is nothing more fun than sleeping in in our holiday house and enjoying a healthy outdoor activity the day after.